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Q: What will happen if i have a faulty Vacuum Solenoid?
A: The Vacuum Solenoid operates the actuator on the turbo, this controls the boost. Modern turbos have a variable boost that is controlled by the engine management computer, the Vacuum Solenoid is an important part of the boost controlling system.
Q: What happens if i have a split hose from my air filter to the turbo?
A: Contaminants could enter the induction of the turbo and cause serious damage to the compressor wheel, leading to failure of the turbo.
Q: I'm getting a turbo fault code but I've checked all of the suggestions. What else could it be?
A: Turbos with variable vane technology often get issues with 'sticking' vanes. Occasionally a prolonged drive on the motorway can help with the problem. The sticking can be caused by carbon deposits in the exhaust gases, a prolonged drive can turn the deposits into ash that will then pass through the exhaust system.
Q: What is overspeeding?
A: Overspeeding is as simple as it sounds, it's merely the turbo rotating at higher speeds than it's safe operational levels. The problem with this is that there is a risk of extreme damage to the components of the turbo. Materials have a certain amount of elasticity, during rotation the materials expand and contract through the cycles, if they expand beyond their limit, minute cracks develop and there is a risk of the metal breaking apart.
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