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Not your usual 'Fault Finding' guide.

It would be pointless telling you what the problem might be with your turbo, most symptoms can be the result of several issues with the turbocharger, misdiagnosis doesn't help anyone, especially if you have to pay out a lot of money and the root cause still hasn't been cured!

Today's diagnostic equipment is brilliant and can save a lot of time with finding problems, but a fault code suggesting a turbo problem can actually be due to other issues on the vehicle, so it's best to check the points listed below before deciding that replacing the turbo is the correct course of action.

Things to check before diagnosing the symptoms as a faulty/worn turbo:~

  • Vacuum Solenoid
  • Air filter and hoses connected to the induction of the turbo
  • Intercooler along with hoses from the turbo and to the inlet manifold
  • Air Mass Meter
  • EGR Valve
  • Exhaust system/Diesel Particulate Filter/Catalytic Converter
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