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Help to Prevent Premature Failure of Your Replacement Turbo

  • Clean or renew oil feed pipe including banjo bolts
  • Clean oil return pipe
  • Clean hoses from air filter
  • New oil as specified by engine manufacturer
  • New oil & air filter as specified by engine manufacturer
  • Check sump is clear of sludge/debris
  • Check and clean or renew engine breathers (common cause of smoking)
  • Check and clean or renew any inline filters

Do not use silicone sealer on any parts of the turbocharger as this can cause blockages of the air & oil ways of the turbo and void warranty!
**Cure the cause of the failure of the original turbo**

95% of turbochargers fail due to a problem with the engine, unless that problem is corrected, the replacement turbo will also fail!

Turbos are designed for a specific engine, any characteristic changes to the engine (remap) can have an adverse effect on the turbo, insufficient oil supply causes premature wear of internal parts, changing the ambient pressures within housings that affects the dynamic seals within the turbo
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